Keeping in tune with the needs of our younger customers is always an important feature of our business here at Cavanaghs. So when we were recently approached by an aspiring Lifestyle, Fashion and Travel blogger from Limerick called Niamh Webb O Rourke, we were happy to help her make a motoring choice that was in keeping with her own lifestyle and personal circumstances. That choice was the new Ford Ka+ and based on the initial feedback we had been getting from customers about this car, we knew it would be perfect for Niamh’s needs. Here are the major plusses about the new Ford Ka+:

  • 5 door mini hatchback (previously the Ka was only available in 3 door so this new bodystyle is far more practical)
  • Well spec’d with cruise control, parking sensors and Ford Sync system
  • Slightly more powerful engine than many of its peers which helps with longer journeys and carrying people
  • Stylish design
  • Good price point (with 0% APR on PCP finance available which helps)

Here is what Niamh had to say when she wrote about the new Ford Ka+ on her blog: : “My latest exciting step into adulthood was buying my own car! I’ve had my license for nearly 4 years now and was lucky enough to have an old car under my arse for the last few years but I felt it was the right time to upgrade and get myself a much safer and sensible car. I know for 22 it is such a big commitment to take on but if anything it has pushed me to work harder than ever. Thankfully I have a great family who supported my decision and helped me make the best choice along with Cavanaghs of Charleville who were honestly the biggest gems in this monumental step, they made the whole process a breeze and made sure I was at ease every step of the way – I couldn’t recommend them enough! I know some people were asking me on social media what car I ended up getting and it is the Ford Ka+ in white, I know absolutely ZERO about cars so along as one had 4 wheels and would drive, I was happy!”

Here are some images of Niamh and her new Ka+ which she took on a recent shoot for her blog.