The following Ford New Car Price List for 2022 gives details of published retail prices for the Ford range of cars available from Cavanaghs of Charleville Ltd.

The prices shown below include delivery and related charged but do not include the cost of metallic paint or any upgrade packs. The prices are correct as at post date but are subject to price increases or decreases during the year (depending on promotional offers) which may not all be published on the website. Please check with our Sales Department or via Online Chat for final confirmation of price or call us on 063 30300 (Charleville) or 022 42002 (Mallow).

MODELVariantC02 LevelEngine (PS)List Price €
FORD FIESTATrend 5Dr1211.1 Ti-VCT (75ps-5 Speed) 21,325
Trend 5Dr1211.0 Ecoboost (100ps-6 Speed) 22,200
Trend 5Dr mHEV1141.0 Ecoboost (125ps-6 Speed) 23585
Titanium 5Dr1211.0 Ecoboost (100ps-6 Speed) 23560
Titanium 5Dr mHEV1141.0 Ecoboost (125ps-6 Speed)24925
Titanium 5Dr mHEV Powershift1191.0 Ecoboost (125ps-7 Speed)25,795
Titanium Vignale1221.0 Ecoboost (100ps-6 Speed) 25,955
Titanium Vignale mHEV1151.0 Ecoboost (125ps-6 Speed) 27,280
Titanium Vignale mHEV Powershift1201.0 Ecoboost (125ps-7 Speed)28,170
Active 5Dr1231.0 Ecoboost (100ps-6 Speed) 25,420
Active 5Dr MHEV1161.0 Ecoboost (125ps-6 Speed) 26,955
Active 5Dr mHEV Powershift1211.0 Ecoboost (125ps-7 Speed) 27,850
Active Vignale1291.0 Ecoboost (100ps-6 Speed)27,735
Active Vignale mHEV1221.0 Ecoboost (125ps-6 Speed) 29,265
Active Vignale mHEV Powershift1271.0 Ecoboost (125ps-7 Speed)30,185
ST-Line 5Dr1231.0 Ecoboost (100ps-6 Speed)25,420
ST-Line 5Dr mHEV1151.0 Ecoboost (125ps-6 Speed)26,755
ST-Line 5Dr mHEV Powershift1201.0 Ecoboost (125ps-7 Speed)27,640
ST-Line Vignale 5Dr1291.0 Ecoboost (100ps-6 Speed)27,735
ST-Line Vignale mHEV 5Dr1221.0 Ecoboost (125ps-6 Speed)29,265
ST-Line Vignale mHEV Powershift 5Dr1261.0 Ecoboost (125ps-7 Speed)30,185
ST3 5Dr1511.5 Ecoboost (200ps-6 Speed)38,445
FORD PUMATitanium Hybrid MHEV Manual Petrol1221.0T Ecoboost (125ps-6 Speed)29,220
Titanium Hybrid MHEV Automatic Petrol1301.0T Ecoboost (125ps-7 Speed)31,890
Titanium Hybrid MHEV Manual Petrol1241.5TD Ecoboost (155ps-6 Speed)30,330
ST-Line Hybrid MHEV Manual Petrol1231.0T Ecoboost (125ps-6 Speed)30,385
ST-Line Hybrid MHEV Automatic Petrol1311.0T Ecoboost (125ps-7 Speed)33,680
ST-Line Hybrid MHEV Manual Petrol1251.0T Ecoboost (155ps-6 Speed)31,495
ST-Line X Hybrid MHEV Manual Petrol1221.0T Ecoboost (125ps-6 Speed)33,395
ST-Line X Hybrid MHEV Automatic Petrol1301.0T Ecoboost (125ps-7 Speed)36,100
ST-Line X Hybrid MHEV Manual Petrol1251.0T Eciboost (155ps-6 Speed)34,505
ST-Line X Gold Edition MHEV Manual Petrol1261.0T Ecoboost (155ps-6 Speed)37,335
ST-Line X Gold Edition MHEV Automatic Petrol1291.0T Ecoboost (155ps-7 Speed)39,785
ST-Line Vignale Hybrid MHEV Manual Petrol1241.0T Ecoboost (125ps-6 Speed) 34,855
ST-Line Vignale Hybrid MHEV Manual Petrol1301.0T Ecoboost (155ps-6 Speed)36,245
ST-Line Vignale Hybrid MHEV Automatic Petrol1261.0T Ecoboost (155ps-7 speed)38,695
ST Manual Petrol1481.5T Ecoboost (200ps-6 Speed)46,490
FORD MONDEOTitanium 4Dr Hybrid Electric Automatic1312.0 TIVCT HEV (187ps)39,475
Titanium Estate Hybrid Electric Automatic1332.0 TIVCT HEV (187ps)40,215
St-Line 4Dr Hybrid Electric Automatic1312.0 TIVCT HEV (187ps)42,265
St-LIne Estate Hybrid Electric Automatic1342.0 TIVCT HEV (187ps)42,975
Vignale 4Dr Hybrid Electric Automatic1312.0 TIVCT HEV (187ps)46,900
Vignale Estate Hybrid Electirc Automatic1342.0 TIVCT HEV (187ps)47,565
FORD KUGATitanium FHEV Hybrid-Petrol Automatic1232.5 Duratec (190ps)44,960
Titanium PHEV Electric Petrol Automatic222.5 Duratec (225ps)43,505
ST-Line FHEV Hybrid Petrol Automatic1252.5 Duratec (190ps47,135
ST-Line PHEV Electric Petrol Automatic232.5 Duratec (225ps)45,480
ST-Line X FHEV Hybrid Petrol Automatic1252.5 Duratec (190ps)49,600
ST-Line PHEV Electric Petrol Automatic232.5 Duratec (225ps)47,715
Vignale FHEV Hybrid Petrol Automatic1322.5 Duratec (190ps) 53,760
Vignale PHEV Electric Petrol Automatic252.5 Duratec (225ps) 50,215
FORD S-MAXTitanium FHEV Electric Petrol Automatic1472.5 Duratec (190ps)51,995
ST-Line PHEV Electric Petrol Automatic1482.5 Duratec (190PS)54,800
Vignale FHEV Electric Petrol Automatic1482.5 Duratec (190ps)61,795
FORD GALAXYTitanium FHEV Electric Petrol Automatic1482.5 Duratec (190ps) 54,735
FORD FOCUSTrend 5Dr1211.0L Ecoboost (125ps-6 Speed)27,725
Trend 5Dr MHEV Powershift1221.0L Ecoboost (125ps-7 Speed)31,465
Trend 5Dr Automatic1201.5TD Ecoblue (120ps-8 Speed)31,525
Trend Estate1251.0L Ecoboost (125ps-6 Speed)28,685
Trend Estate MHEV Powershift1251.0L Ecoboost (125ps-7 Speed)32,420
Trend Estate Automatic1231.5TD Ecoblue (120ps-8 Speed)32,725
Titanium 5Dr1221.0L Ecoboost (125ps-6 Speed)29,450
Titanium 5Dr MHEV Powershift1231.0L Ecoboost (125ps-7 Speed) 33,190
Titanium 5Dr Automatic1211.5TD Ecoblue (120ps-8 Speed)33,490
Titanium Estate1251.0L Ecoboost (125ps-6 Speed)30,410
Titanium Estate MHEV Powershift1251.0L Ecoboost (125ps-7 Speed)34,145
Titanium Estate Automatic1241.5TD Ecoblue (120ps-8 Speed)34,450
Titanium VIgnale 5Dr1231.0L Ecoboost (125ps-6 Speed)32,645
Titanium Vignale 5Dr MHEV Powershift1241.0LEcoboost (125ps-7 Speed)36,380
Titanium VIgnale 5Dr Automatic1221.5TD Ecoblue (120ps-8 Speed)36,685
Titanium Vignale Estate1261.0L Ecoboost (125ps-6 Speed)33,860
Titanium Vignale Estate MHEV Powershift1261.0L Ecoboost (125ps-7 Speed)37,630
Titanium VIgnale Estate Automatic1241.5TD Ecoblue (120ps-8 Speed)37,640
Active 5Dr1291.0L Ecoboost (125ps-6 Speed)30,240
Active 5Dr MHEV Powershift1291.0L Ecoboost (125ps-7 Speed)34,010
Active 5Dr Powershift1261.5TD Ecoblue (120ps-8 Speed)34,315
Active Estate1311.0L Ecoboost (125ps-6 Speed)31,785
Active Estate MHEV Powershift1311.0L Ecoboost (125ps-7 Speed)35,625
Active Estate Automatic1281.5TD Ecoblue (120ps-8 Speed)35,280
Active VIgnale 5Dr1291.0L Ecoboost (125ps-6 Speed)33,460
Active Vignale 5Dr MHEV Powershift1301.0L Ecoboost (125ps-7 Speed)37,225
Active Vignale 5Dr Automatic1271.5TD Ecoblue (120ps-8 Speed)37,530
Active Vignale Estate1311.0L Ecoboost (125ps-6 Speed)35,060
Active Vignale Estate MHEV Powershift1321.0L Ecoboost (125ps-7 Speed)38,900
Active Vignale Estate Automatic1281.5TD Ecoblue (125ps-8 Speed) 38,495
ST-Line 5Dr1241.0L Ecoboost (125ps-6 Speesd)29,775
ST-Line 5Dr MHEV Powershift1251.0L Ecoboost (125ps-7 Speed)33,515
ST-Line 5Dr Automatic1231.5TD Ecoblue (120ps-8 Speed)33,815
ST-Line Estate1301.0L Ecoboost (125ps-6 Speed)30,970
ST-Line Estate MHEV Powershift1301.0L Ecoboost (125ps-7 Speed)34,740
ST-Line Estate Automatic1271.5TD Ecoblue (120ps-8 Speed)35,045
ST-Line Vignale 5Dr1291.0L Ecoboost (125ps-6 Speed)33,220
ST-Line Vignale 5Dr MHEV Powershift1291.0L Ecoboost )125ps-7 Speed)36,990
St-Line Vignale 5Dr Automatic1271.5TD Ecoblue (120ps-8 Speed)37,295
ST-Line Vignale Estate1351.0L Ecoboost (125ps-6 Speed)34,820
ST-Line Vignale Estate MHEV Powershift1341.0L Ecoboost (125ps-7 Speed)38,660
ST-Line Vignale Estate Automatic1311.5TD Ecoblue (120ps-8 Speed)38,970
ST 5Dr1832.3L Ecoboost (280ps-8 Speed)54,050
ST 5Dr Automatic1822.3L Ecoboost (280ps-7 Speed)57,000
St Estate1832.3L Ecoboost (280ps-6 Speed)55,240
St Estate Automatic1822.3L Ecoboost (280ps-7 Speed)58,190
FORD MUSTANG MACH-ERWD Standard Range01 Speed Auto 70kWH (98kWh)63,495
RWD Extended Range01 Speed Auto 91kWH (98kWh)68,815
AWD Extended Range01 Speed Auto 91kWH (98kWh)79,875
GT Extended Range01 Speed Auto 91kWH (98kWh)85,225
Prices displayed include VAT, delivery and related charges but do not include metallic/premium paints. Prices correct as of 01st Nov 2021 but subject to change.