Air Con Servicing for All Cars (2014 – )

Cavanaghs of Charleville is now a certified WAC 2000 outlet. The WAC 2000 is a fully automatic machine that facilitates the user-friendly air conditioning service of car systems with the refrigerant R1234yf. Auto manufacturers are migrating towards a new refrigerant for automotive air conditioning systems and these cars can only have their Air Conditioning units serviced and re-gassed by this machine. Examples include: Ford 2016 – ; Hyundai 2014 – ; Nissan 2014 –  and more

We can check the manufacturer specification on your car and establish what refrigerant your car needs. The WAC 2000 can also carry out the following tasks:

  • Provide continuous leak monitoring to pick up even the smallest leaks so as to prevent the loss of refrigerant
  • Existing viable refrigerant taken from your car can also be re-cycled using this machine
  • High compressor extraction rate allows recovery of over 95% of the refrigerant charge

Please note that the price of the new refrigerant is higher than the old refrigerant that it is replacing.

Air Con Service

Our typical Air Con Service (€85 inc vat) consists of:

  • Examination of Air Con system
  • Check for Leaks
  • Free estimate of any repair work needed

A full regas starts at €150 inc vat.

Enquire about this service by calling 063 30355/30300 or emailing

For further details about Air con service using the WAC 2000 please see the video below