Keep your Ford performing safely with Ford Original Parts

Your Ford starts its life fully equipped with Ford Original Parts, each one designed and engineered to fit and perform perfectly and safely with the other. We sell and fit Ford car parts to all vehicles we service and repair.

Our replacement parts are made to the same high standards as our cars. Choose Ford Original Parts for the highest performance, safety and durability. The high standards of Ford Car Parts ensure their fit and finish, reliability and performance. Use Ford Original Parts and maintain the resale value of your car, as potential buyers could pay more for your car as a result. You can spot a Ford Original Part by our easily recognisable trademark, often displayed in a prominent position.

Ford Part Sales and Delivery Service

We operate a daily Ford Part Sales and Delivery service covering North Cork, Limerick, North Kerry and South Tipperary. We can supply Independent Service and Repair outlets in any of these locations.¬† Remember, for non-service items and parts, to ensure delivery ring your order into Cavanaghs Parts Desk on 063 30300 before 11pm the day prior so that we can guarantee you next day delivery. Or email your order to [email protected].