What is FordPass?

Ford Pass is an app that resides on your smartphone that allows you to get more from your vehicle and also to remotely manage the maintenance and operation of your vehicle on a daily basis. All in all, new FordPass Connect modem makes your journeys easier. It gives you access to a range of features in your vehicle, and on your smartphone, that work together to keep you effortlessly connected on every journey.

What sort of features do I get?

The FordPass app is designed to make your journies richer by giving you access to information that will not only ease your passage but also give you feedback and reporting on a range of items relevant to your journey. The sort of things you can expect are as follows:

  • Local Hazard information appearing on the dashboard of your vehicle – helping you to change route or be informed of what lies ahead
  • Upto date and accurate traffic information straight to your Sync 3 media system
  • FordPass Connect can automatically place an eCall to the emergency services and provide them with your vehicle’s location
  • Fuel Report is a FordPass feature helping you to monitor driving efficiency with a monthly breakdown of your fuel usage
  • My Journeys is a FordPass feature that can record your trips and deliver tailored insights on how you can optimise your driving technique
  • Using the FordPass app, you can now lock and unlock your vehicle remotely. This simple feature means there’s no need to rush back to your vehicle when you can’t remember if you locked the doors. Simply use the FordPass app to carry out the job. Or allow a friend to retrieve something from your vehicle when you are not present yourself
  • Find your way back to your car when you park in an unfamiliar place, or if you simply can’t remember where you left it. A map in the FordPass app shows your car’s exact location.
  • If you are driving a Plug in Hybrid Electric vehicle in the Ford range,  you can use the FordPass app to view your current vehicle status, including battery charge level and driving range

The FordPass app is available on the Appstore or via Android for compatible smart devices. Ask our Sales Team about FordPass for your next Ford.