What is the function of the Pollen (Cabin) Filter?

The pollen or cabin filter serves an important role in the functioning of the cabin area in your Ford vehicle. The filter attracts – and retains – common air molecules including pollen, minor pollutants, dust, air-borne smoke, etc. A fresh or new pollen filter will ensure a steady supply of fresh air to the vehicle interior and will help to protect passengers from dust particles, pollen, and other irritants, and will ease allergy symptoms for vehicle occupants such as runny eyes and noses, and sneezing, consequently enhancing traffic safety.

By using specially developed fibrous tissues, dust and pollen particles are actively picked up and separated from the interior compartment of your vehicle. The filter makes maximum use of its surface area in order to catch impurities, whilst the activated charcoal filter works to absorb odours and harmful gases. All this leads to air arriving in its purest form for passenger well-being and comfort.

Because the filter system works so effectively, long-term performance is dependant on regular replacement, with a recommended gap between changes being 30,000km. To create an agreeable atmosphere for yourself, your passengers and allergy sufferers – these changes are essential.


  • Reduction of harmful gases.
  • Reduction of nuisance odours.
  • Reduction of pollen and dust.
  • Cleaner air for allergy sufferers.
  • Better functioning of ambient air and air conditioning systems

Intervals change by model but also by engine so please check with us by calling 063 30355 or emailing [email protected] to find the correct timing belt interval for your model.

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