Ford Kuga

First launched in 2008, this is the brand new second generation Kuga and this time its promises to be larger, more practical and more economical. Now offering more space for passengers and luggage its a far more family friendly option. The handsome Kuga is certainly easy on the eye with its modern design and chiseled looks. Gone are the tough macho looks of the predecessor replaced instead with a softer look that fuses city chic with rustic ruggedness.

The new interior is funky and appealing and feels so much more upmarket. Behind the steering wheel the visibility is better and the dash is cleaner and much less cluttered with easy to use switches. Space is surprisingly good given that this car essentially sits on the same floorplan as the Focus and both leg and headroom is generous.  Boot space is a decent 457 litres but if you’re carrying something really big, you can always fold the back seats down.

The Kuga is now longer and bigger than before and on the road it feels it. While it is still very nice to drive and handles like a hatchback it doesn’t have quite the agility of its predecessor or the sporty edge.  It rolls a little on bends but at all other times it feels rooted to the ground and stable in a way that’s unmatched by most rivals. Around town it is easy to park and manoeuvre with direct steering and a super slick gear box and on the open road it is refined, punchy and smooth.

Safety gets five stars from the Euro NCAP and the Kuga was awarded the highest ever for a car in its class. It features a host of aids designed to prevent accidents or if the worst happens keep you safe in the event of a collision.

The Kuga is offered with either two or four-wheel-drive and two spec levels.  There are also a host of innovative features including the option of an “air kick”-activated tailgate. This is the ideal way to open a car boot when you’re weighed down with bags of shopping as all you do is simply kick or wave your foot under the rear bumper.

Why you’ll buy one? Smart looks; funky interior; driving dynamics.