James Foley, Sales Manager at Cavanaghs of Charleville, this week announced a major endorsement of the Ford product with Ford 7 Year Warrantynews of a 7 year warranty on all Ford cars for 2017 – matching the longest warranty in the marketplace. “The big news is that Ford is now putting a 7 year warranty behind all of its car models from 2017 onwards, and is following that up by extending some of its commercial models to a 5 year warranty. The 7 year / 100,000km warranty is a 2 year extension over the existing 5 year warranty and shows the confidence that Ford has in its line-up. When you couple that with the fact that some cars are now on extended Service Intervals of 30,000kms and some vans can now go 50,000kms between service, you start to appreciate the confidence that Ford has throughout its range.”

Details of what is included/excluded in the Ford 7 Year Warranty can be found in this Warranty Document.