Ford Emissions Commitment

Given the worldwide attention and news coverage related to diesel emissions tests, we at Ford want to make sure our position on these key issues is clear.

First, our vehicles and engines – including our advanced-technology diesel engines – meet all applicable emissions requirements. Importantly, we do not have any so-called “defeat devices” in our vehicles.

We also fully support efforts to ensure that test procedures more closely match the real-world conditions that customers experience under normal driving. That is why we have supported the development of a European Real Driving Emissions initiative that is going into law in Europe.

Ford is committed to offering customers high fuel efficiency and low emissions through what we call the “power of choice.” We offer a variety of choices ranging from our EcoBoost-powered petrol vehicles and advanced technology diesels to hybrids, plug-in hybrids and full electric vehicles.

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Jim Farley

Executive Vice President, Europe, Middle East and Africa
Ford Motor Company