The function of the oil and oil filter

The oil keeps your Ford engine functioning smoothly. The oil filter extracts any unwanted particulates from your oil, thus lengthening its duration and maintaining oil quality.

This is why understanding their importance, the role they play in the daily running of your engine, how often they should be replaced and how to identify when professional service is required, is vital in ensuring that your vehicle continues to run smoothly and remain in tip-top condition.

At Cavanaghs of Charleville our highly trained Service technicians understand the answers to the above questions and therefore can help you to better understand how your oil system functions and when you need to book a service with us.

The role of the oil filter

In addition to motor oil, every car needs an oil filter to help keep it running. While motor oil lubricates the engine, the oil filter stops the solid deposits from reaching critical engine parts. Each Ford engine is fitted with an oil filter that carries out this very important role.

The contamination in the oil that the filter must remove is produced both inside and outside the engine. Internal contamination is caused by tiny metal particles that normally wear off the moving parts of the engine. External contamination is due to the abrasive dust and dirt in the air that enters through the air intake system, as well as the fuel system and its by-products. A top-quality filter, like the ones Ford supply, can handle both kinds of contaminants.

As a general rule, the Oil filter should be changed every time the oil in the car is changed. So please check with us by calling 063 30355 or emailing [email protected] to find the correct timing belt interval for your model.

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