The New FordPass Connect modem and FordPass app enables you to interact with your car like never before. That’s because a range of connected services in your vehicle, and on your smartphone, work together to keep you effortlessly connected on every journey.

What is a FordPass subscription?

The FordPass paid subscription is an additional package providing Live Traffic updates and Local Hazard Information. The service is available through both the FordPass and FordPass Pro app.

What does my FordPass subscription free trial include?

Your subscription free trial includes Live Traffic and Local Hazard Information which are free for the first 12 months following the date of vehicle registration; after that, a subscription fee is payable.

How much will the FordPass subscription cost following the free trial?

After the initial 12-month free trial, a further subscription can be purchased at €3.99 per calendar month. These are indicative prices, current at the time of publication, we reserve the right to change pricing at any time without prior notice. This price does not include any Wi-Fi data plans

Does my FordPass subscription automatically cancel if I sell my vehicle?

If you sell your vehicle within the first 12 months following vehicle registration, the balance of your FordPass free trial will transfer to the new owner. After the initial 12 months, and if you have purchased a paid subscription, you will then need to ensure you unsubscribe by going into your online Ford Account.

Can I transfer a subscription between Ford connected vehicles?

It is not possible to transfer subscriptions between vehicles.

Is my vehicle compatible with Live Traffic?

Live Traffic is compatible with all vehicles equipped with a FordPass Connect modem, and is available via over-the-air updates for users who have activated their vehicle through the FordPass or FordPass Pro app. For vehicles without a FordPass Connect modem, Live Traffic is available by pairing your smartphone and SYNC 3 navigation system via AppLink.

Is my vehicle compatible with Local Hazard Information?

FordPass Connect can alert you to local driving hazards, such as road works, objects in the road or even a broken-down vehicle up ahead. Your Ford receives information from any nearby connected vehicles, as well as other local sources, such as the public incident database. If your vehicle is informed of an approaching hazard, a warning will be displayed in the digital display telling you the type of hazard and its distance from you. This enables you to be better prepared and, if necessary, find an alternative route.

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Whether you work with one business vehicle or manage up to five, FordPass Pro gives you the tools you need to help keep them healthy, secure, and running smoothly. FordPass Pro is  the Business App for connected vehicles.

The app has been designed for commercial vehicles which have a FordPass Connect modem. The FordPass Pro app will enable you to activate your modem and access a whole range of useful features. We are making sure that we equip more and more of our new commercial vehicles with full connectivity. Check with your Ford Dealer to see if your current Ford is compatible. If so, you can download the FordPass Pro app from the links below:

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