Google Streetview

Cavanaghs dealership now viewable on Google Streetview!

For the last number of years Google Streetview has been making it easier for customers to check out a hotel, restaurant, resort, location and so on in advance of actually arriving there.

In most cases, Google would provide pictures of the outside of the building – taken by Google’s  own streetview team.

Now, businesses can take customers a step further by commissioning a Google ‘Streetview’ of the interior of their premises which is exactly what Cavanaghs of Charleville undertook recently.

We had a professional photographer on-site to capture the images of our business in a manner that Google would permit for use on its website.

The result is a superb 360 degree panorama of Cavanaghs which will allow all prospective users to see what our dealership is like before they visit.

Enjoy the tour: Google Streetview Tour of Cavanaghs of Charleville